Exciting news for NYC!

Hi everybody. I’m Ryan and I’ll be with Marilyn documenting our journeys to NYC together. Follow me @lostincentralia for the latest photos and updates from the road.

Celebrity chef and author Anthony Bourdain managed to secure us reservations to Le Bernardin, a fantastic seafood restaurant in the heart of Manhattan. Chef Eric Ripert has manned the helm since 1994.

From Wikipedia:

In 2009, Le Bernardin was voted 11th best restaurant in the world in the Restaurant magazine Top 50.

Le Bernardin is one of only seven restaurants in New York awarded three Michelin stars, and is the restaurant which has held four stars from The New York Times for the longest period of time.

Le Bernardin gained the superior ranking less than three months after opening in early 1986.

Very excited to taste the offerings at such a highly regarded eatery!

9 thoughts on “Exciting news for NYC!

  1. Wow! What an amazing opportunity. I can’t wait to read about the trip, see the pics and hear about the culinary delights you both get to enjoy.

  2. You go Marilyn !! I can’t wait to read your Mid-Western take-off on NYC culinary places and delights. If there’s ONE place in the USA to go to eat at and write a review, NYC is the city to do it in. Being that I’m a native NYC boy, I wish you and Ryan welcome, have fun seeing the sights(as you can), and may ALL the food you eat while you’re here be nothing but “delicious”. Have a GREAT time !!

  3. fab.u.lous. i can only imagine the wise-cracks that would ensue between bourdain and marilyn…two people who tell it exactly like they see it. enjoy every morsel that le bernadin has to offer, because it’s truly a masterpiece of dining. we’ll all be waiting to hear how much fun you have!

  4. I LOVE it! As someone who remembers how exciting it was for a McDonald’s to come into my town, I read Ms. Hagerty’s review of the Olive Garden and didn’t understand why it was particularly remarkable, except that she is obviously a lovely lady. Even though it was snark that brought her recognition, it’s clear that her grace is the root of her viral appeal.

    Have a great time in New York, Ms. Hagerty! I hope you come to Denver to review The Brown Palace or The Fort next.

  5. So great! Hope you have fun in NYC. Maybe the Travel Channel send you to some cool locations too. Can’t wait to see what you think of Le Bernardin! Have a great time.

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