3 thoughts on “Video: Quick day 1 recap with Marilyn

  1. The world now knows what a special lady you are. We are loving all of the attention you are getting.

  2. We can’t believe it took so long for the world to discover Marilyn Hagerty. We have been privileged to know Marilyn for many years and always enjoyed her columns. She is an excellent writer and a really fine lady. We are so happy for the attention she is receiving now. She deserves it. Our Best Regards to Marilyn. They ought to dig up some of her columns from the great flood of ’97. Those are the best yet!!
    Doug & Tracy Merfeld, former owners of Curt D. Johnson Auction Co., now living in Marble Rock, IA

  3. Dirty water dog!!! Yes, not hot, yes weird onions, ha ha. I grew up eating them and I really DO miss them. Maybe you will too, when you get back to Grand Forks.

    I loved hearing about the sea of taxis and the garbage…these things just blend into background when you live there all your life. Next time I’m in town, I’ll pay more attention to the little things.

    Thanks for having this blog. I bet it’s getting lots of hits. Good luck with your food tour and I look forward to seeing more posts/photos/reviews. What a great experience to be able to have! All the best! :)

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