Random day 2 photos

As previously mentioned, I was unable to take many photos during the Anderson Cooper shoot today. I did snap a few, but we’ll need to wait until Anderson’s crew gives me the OK to post them. It was great working with them, everybody was very nice and I managed to pick up a few production tips along the way.

The Freedom Tower at the WTC site in lower Manhattan.

Shake Shack (some shack) near Times Square. As soon as I started asking for food recommendations, several local NYC'ers told us Shake Shack was a must.

The line in front of Shake Shack took about 15 minutes. Quite impressive actually. I usually see a line and turn around and fine something else.

The "Shack Stack" consisting of a burger, huge mushrooms with cheese in the middle... deep fried. Marilyn enjoyed a regular hamburger.

S'Mores custard was the flavor of the day.

We pretty much had to take a photo outside of the Times Square Olive Garden. There is some facade construction going on so the place was kind of obscured by scaffolding and whatnot.

2 thoughts on “Random day 2 photos

  1. Marilyln, I laughed when I saw that you visited The Shake Shack! What is it about us Grand Forkians that we have to head there when we go to NYC? I just visited my son in February in NYC for 45 hours, and he took me to the Shake Shack in Bryant Park. I don’t know about the one in Time’s Square, but the one in Bryant Park has items on the menu for dogs. Here’s a photo of the menu on my blog: http://mypixelatedoasis.blogspot.com/2012/03/and-now-i-was-closing-in-on-my-last.html. And no, I did not sample the dog items, but loved the burger and shake.

  2. It’s not called the Freedom Tower anymore, it’s now “One World Trade Center.”

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