Video: Day 2 recap with Marilyn

After our journey through the wilds of Times Square I was able to sit with Marilyn again for a few minutes and she gave a quick recap of today’s activities.

I wasn’t able to take photos during the Anderson Cooper location shoot we filmed today, so I apologize for the lack of images. I will dump whatever I did manage to take in the next blog post (shortly).

6 thoughts on “Video: Day 2 recap with Marilyn

  1. Thanks Marilyn for sharing about your experiences in New York! (Oh and great job on the video blog production, Ryan. Nicely done.)

  2. I love your work, Marilyn. Mostly, I appreciate how genuine you are and just how happy I am to see you in the limelight. You have certainly made the news. My Fourth Graders and I are so very proud of you!!!!

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